~ Here to listen if you need to talk ~

~ Here to listen if you need to talk ~

~ Here to listen if you need to talk ~
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Isn't therapy just for people with serious mental illnesses?

Won't seeing a therapist make me feel weak or vulnerable?

How can therapy help when my problems seem so overwhelming?

Will my therapist judge me or share my secrets with others?

I'm afraid therapy will bring up painful memories or emotions I'd rather avoid. Isn't it better to just bury them?

How can I find a therapist who understands and respects my cultural background and identity?

These questions reflect common concerns that may prevent individuals from seeking therapy, and addressing them directly can help alleviate fears and encourage people to consider seeking help. Voice your concerns, and aspirations and from there, we'll collaborate on a push plan to guide you through with an empowering experience. People of color and counseling have an unfavorable image in our society, which makes things challenging for those who are ready to unpack, yet it prompts fear and self-doubt.

I'm not a therapist! I am a advocate who can inspire you from my own personal experiences. You can do this!

For just $20, I'll represent you and provide a welcoming environment for a safe conversation.

The contact information you provide is confidential. 

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